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What is MyMe?
MyMe is a web based service aiming to provide an exciting and fun way for web users to create a visual identity for their blog, MSN, Yahoo, Flickr, Skype and Xanga profile and many more. MyMe allows users to create a personal identity to personalize a web profile.

Don't worry about your web profile becoming boring or out of date; with the touch of a button you can update your profile. All images are hosted on our servers, giving you total contol over your MyMe.

Keep your on-line identity cool from one central location on-line!

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How does it work for blogs or webpages?
Sign up or login. MyMe gives each user a unique URL ID. You simply copy and paste this URL into your web profile. Each time you login and change your MyMe, the service will automatically your profile.

How does it work for IM (instant messaging)?
Sign up or login. For IM (instant messaging) profiles, simply copy your URL into "Display Your Picture" option. As the MyMe is on your PC we do not have control to update automatically.